Self Improvement

The biggest inspiration for me in computer science was the course nand2tetris on Coursera. It allowed me to implement the process of building a CPU, memory and assembling a computer from the lowest circuit logic gate all the way up. It also allowed me to experience the development of assemblers, virtual machines, compilers, Principle design of operating systems, and at the same time learn some basic data structure and algorithm and program development.

The Web Programming topic was the key to a really big improvement in my abilities. In the process of learning Web Programming, I came into contact with many interesting and powerful development technologies (ReactJs, NodeJs, Express, webpack, Babel, SQL, MongoDB, Git, Redux, Mocha…), and slowly learned how to integrate multiple technologies projects with a relatively large structure, and check the document and find third-party tool support according to the needs. At the end of the term, the process of using Github flow to cooperate with senior engineers to develop BBGO, a crypto trading & backtesting framework written in golang, and the subsequent product launch is super interesting, and I can often learn some ideas and technologies from seniors that I have never thought of.

Finally, I am no longer unfamiliar with computer science. But there’s still a lot to learn in this discipline, and I’m not going to settle for the status quo to stop. Because as a person who likes structure, this series of explorations excites me, and also makes me feel that computer science is really an amazing field. Its structural beauty is different from physics and mathematics, but it is surprisingly similar.

I don’t want to only understand the theory but not the technology, and I don’t want to only implement it but don’t know the principle. Coding makes me happy, engineering makes me powerful, and math makes me feel grounded. Every knowledge has its brilliance. In the past, I had been rushing forward in a single major, but now I changed the speed slightly and went around other fields a few times, and it was an eye-opener.

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash



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