What’s BBGO and why you should use it to trade cryptos?

The modern cryptocurrency trading bot written in Go.


Cryptocurrency trading, as a nascent market, has the benefit of being different from traditional financial trading. All transactions are transparently exposed to the public in real time — fees, token/option distribution, and even fiat input and output are traceable on chain, either recorded in transaction histories or in mempool.

Other than that, trading in cryptocurrencies might potentially support higher transactions-per-second, volatility, liquidity and better infrastructure extendability than the traditional stock trading.

Quantitative Trading

In order to make profits, you have to buy low and sell high. However in reality, most people buy high and sell low. This is when trading bots, BBGO comes in handy.

A trading bot is an automated computer program, running on a computer. A trading bot follows pre-defined rules (strategy) to execute buy/sell orders of a specific crypto token.

BBGO — A Trading Framework

BBGO is an open source crypto trading framework for developing crypto trading bots.

One Ecosystem, Endless Opportunities.

  1. BBGO is a modular framework for building crypto trading bots with a solid backtest engine. Written in Go, the codebase is freely extensible for building custom strategies and multiple exchange connectors.
  2. BBG is an utility token which leverages Web3, new models for building software, internet business and networks. It involves three fundamental parts: 1. Open Source 2. Distributed Execution 3. Integrate Revenue
  3. StarCrypto is the DAO foundation which working on BBGO project and BBG ecosystem.

What values are we delivering ?

BBGO helps professional traders develop and deploy systematic financial strategies across a variety of coins in global crypto markets 24/7/365, utilizing a proprietary research platform and risk management process.

One seeks to continuously produce high-quality trading signals (alphas) through our product, BBGO.

With BBGO, we encourage all traders to relentlessly pursue investment ideas with a spirit of intellectualism and practicality and to support our commitment to industry-leading efficiency.

Why BBGO ?

  • Eliminate human emotions
  • Fast response to rapid market movement
  • Backtest functionality to prove your ideas

What’s next ?

StarCrypto foundation is planning to be the market maker for the crypto alt-coin market. We have built an impressive team and are deeply immersed in the crypto ecosystem.

We will work with token issuers to build liquidity in their tokens adding stability and price discovery that may have not existed prior to market maker engagement.

If you like to trade cryptos, there’s my Binance referral code following, Referral ID: 306742694. You can use it at your own will.

The most important is that: Trade With BBGO, To the Moon As We Go ~



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